Canel Otomotiv | R&D - Research and Development, Canel Otomotiv, Yeşilova Holding a company established in Bursa in 1993, has made new investments to produce high-pressure aluminum die casting parts in 2007. Yeşilova Holding 40 years of aluminum and knowledge in different sectors , taking advantage of the experience and lessons learned , sustainable & traceable & offers its customers a full -time & quality products and services. 5,500 m factory in the field , primarily serves on the high-pressure die-cast aluminum parts for various industries, including the automotive sector., Yeşilova, Can, Cansan, Canel, CMTG, Aluminum, Metal, Automotive, Hospitality, Bursa, Türkiye
Yesilova Holding owns a R&D centre authorised by the Ministry of Science and Industry in 2015. Our researchers working in R&D department but employed on our different affiliates of the Holding were transferred to the holding and gathered under a single roof and thus the Holding R&D centre was structured. R & D centre has an R&D office, laboratory and prototype production workshop.

Yesilova R&D Centre, which adapts modern technologies and innovations to the new products and processes for Yesilova Holding companies, is the constant focus for a continuous development at our Holding Companies.

Yesilova Holding R&D believes that cooperation, rather than competition, is the most important factor in shaping the future. It contributes to the development of new products and processes by cooperating with the universities, professional platforms and industrial organizations.

Working with its customers as the strategic solution partner, Yesilova R&D carries out activities in an attempt to meet the needs and requirements that are predicted to arise in the future. It is within this scope that it shapes the efforts to develop new products and materials by using alternative raw material resources.

Our R&D centre aims at carrying out strategic R&D activities in accordance with the products and technology road map it has specified under the rapidly changing and developing conditions of today, ensuring that the Holding companies make the most of the winds of change, to the greatest extent possible.

» Works to develop new products as strategic co-design partner in key automotive industries

» Works to develop products as strategic partner in rail system sector

» Works to develop special materials, carried out on aluminium injection and extrusion materials

» Verification works by using wide analysis methods and software.

» Material verification works with competent laboratories

» Product verification works with advanced test competencies

» Test equipment designed for automotive and rail system sectors

» Designing works for the sectors in which the aluminium is involved

» Works to develop alternative materials for defence and aviation sectors

» Works to develop carrier superstructures for solar energy sector

Our capabilities
R&D Centre provides solutions to its customers by combining its capabilities with the highly preferred software and equipment in the sector. In this context, it is able to meet all the requests thanks to the design and analysis programs, virtual and physical verification equipment.

» Catia
» Unigraphics (UG)

-Altair Hyperworks
» Hyperform
» Hyperxtrude
» Optistruct
» Motion Solve
» Click2Cast
» Ansys Mechanical
» Ansys Fatique Module
» CATIA Kinematic
» Magma High Pressure Die Casting

• Metallographic Tests (Microstructural analysis)
» Mechanical Tests (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Hardness Tests, Push-Pull Test)
» Dimensional Verification Tests (CMM-3D Measurement)
» Xenon Test, Climatic cabin Tests, Drying-Oven, Humidity
» Cabin Tests
» Static Load Tests
» Life Tests
• Paint Tests;
» Colour, Gloss, Thickness measurement
» Water, Humidity, Chemical, Temperature/Heat Resistance Test
» Adhesion Assignment Tests, Pencil Hardness (scratch test), Corrosion
• Anodic tests
» Thickness Measurement, Loss of Absorptive Power
» Corrosion, Humidity, Alkali, Heat Resistance
» Xenon Test, Climatic Cabin Tests, Drying Oven, Humidity
• Metallographic Weld Measurement
• Fluid Penetration Applications
• Anodized-Wet Paint and Powder paint Plant Bath Analysis
• Impermeability Tests
• Radiographic Analysis (X/R)
• Spectrometric Analysis

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